When Leonard Fournette played football in high school we were told he was pretty good. When Fournette played for LSU we saw how good he was against the best defenses in college football. This past Sunday the whole world got to see why Leonard Fournette is considered to be a special talent in the NFL.

This past Sunday Leonard Fournette broke free for a 90 yard touchdown run while playing for the Jacksonville Jaguars. This makes Leonard the youngest NFL player to ever run for a touchdown of 90 yards. The jersey he wore during that historic run has been requested by the Pro Football Hall of Fame for a featured display.

I wouldn't be surprised if future visitors to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton Ohio have the chance to see a lot of Leonard's memorabilia in the coming years.  While Fournette's current team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, aren't really high on the most likely to go to the Super Bowl list for most people they are getting better. Fournette is one of the big reasons they are getting better.

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