I like Les Miles. I often disagreed loudly with some of his football tactics while he was the head coach at LSU but coaching philosophy aside I really think The Mad Hatter would be a fun guy to visit with.

While Les hasn't waded back into the inherently dangerous waters of college coaching he is still very connected to the game that has been such a large part of his life. In his weekly podcast, Les was tasked with offering a pick on this Saturday's LSU and Alabama football game.

As you might imagine it might have been easier for Les to tell which of his children he likes better. That being said he still had to pick a team that he felt would have the higher score when the final gun sounded Saturday night in Tuscaloosa.

Judging by his comments as reported on NOLA.com

With coming off the bye week, both Alabama and LSU off a bye week, LSU is given it's best chance at winning this game. The approach being: 'Hey, this is a great opponent and we're going to play our best and have fun.' There will be a lot of energy in the building.

You could tell which direction Coach Miles' heart was leaning. He openly admits to having a very soft spot for the Tiger team and its players since many of those young men were recruited to come to LSU by him.

Still when pressed to make a pick Coach Miles, reluctantly I think, offered this.

If I had to bet the house, I'd have to bet with Alabama.

I think those feelings are echoed, in private of course, by many of the LSU faithful. They'd like nothing better than to bring down the Alabama juggernaut in front of their toothless legions of welfare-dependent fans. But alas, Alabama has a great football team. They have maybe the greatest college football coach of all time in Nick Saban.

I can't say I disagree with Coach Miles on his selection. I'd love for us both to be wrong just so we could all enjoy the slow tear filled parade of Alabama fans as they make their way back to the trailer park for another evening guest appearances on the TV show COPS.

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