Lafayette High sophomore pole vaulter Armand Duplantis could be an Olympian one day, so we all need to appreciate him while he's here in Acadiana.

Duplantis competes for Sweden in international track and field competitions, and he broke the national high school record earlier this year with a vault of 18 feet, 1/2 inch. Duplantis might be the most promising athletic talent in the entire region, but most people probably fail to realize his greatness right here at Lafayette High. He's the best in the country, and he could become the pride of Sweden in the future.

Armand's brother, Antoine, plays baseball for LSU, and his family is full of top-tier athletes. If you need more convincing about how insanely good Duplantis is, watch him pull off a back flip while pole vaulting.

I'll admit, I had to watch that a few times to comprehend how easy he made that look.

If you ever tried to pole vault in high school, it's not exactly the easiest task. If you don't impale yourself with the pole after sticking it in the ground, the next near impossible task is getting it to bend and launch you over the bar. Not only has Duplantis mastered that art, he's adding perfectly executed acrobatics to the end of the feat.

Not fair, Armand. Not fair at all.

It makes you wonder if he can do more tricks like this. I think we need to make a trip to Lafayette High...before he runs off to win medals for the rest of his life.

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