It seems the only time I really ever have my driver's license, registration, and insurance card in the same place at the same time is when I go to get my vehicle inspected. It's usually then that I discover I am carrying an expired insurance card and I need to get that replaced. No harm no foul right?


One Louisiana parish has collected almost $1.6 million in fines from motorists who were found to be uninsured. How did Bossier Parish do this? They've installed "plate cameras" at several intersections in the city. The camera reads the license plate. The plate is then run through a database. If it is discovered the vehicle is not insured then the owner of the vehicle is mailed a citation for $200.

This could be a conundrum worse than speed cameras if you ask me. I am all for all motorists having the proper insurance to travel on our state's roadways. I just don't like the fact that an oversight for something that you do every month, six months, or a year should cost you $200.

My theory is if you don't have the money for insurance you probably don't have money for the fine. That means more people of a lesser socio-economic situation have a very real possibility of falling into a never-ending cycle of legal issues. Then again if you can't afford to drive then you shouldn't, unless you have to get to work to feed your family.

I am all about getting uninsured motorists off of our roadways. I just am not really comfortable with an automated camera system being connected to a database in a state that has a reputation for shady dealings for handing out the punishment.


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