LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL) -- Lafayette City-Parish council members voted 6 to 3 Tuesday evening to defer until the council's May 21 meeting an ordinance which would have provided amnesty to red light camera violators who owed fines of $125 or greater.

While council members could have voted on the ordinance tonight, they chose to defer on a decision pending the outcome of a proposed amendment to the RedFlex contract which would ask the red light program company to pay for 40 percent of collections fees in exchange for 40 percent of base fines and late fees.

The current RedFlex contract gives Lafayette Consolidated Government 60 percent of the base fines from red light camera violations, while RedFlex gets 40 percent of such fines. Consolidated government gets 100 percent of late fees.

Dist. 7 council member Don Bertrand was in stark opposition to deferring the ordinance, calling on council members to take care of the issue now.

"We're kicking the can down the road," Bertrand said. "Let's take care of this now."

Council attorney Mike Hebert was peppered with questions from Dist. 4 council member Kenneth Boudreaux and Dist. 9 council member William Theriot on whether it was cost-effective to go after overdue violators.

Bertrand, Andy Naquin, and Brandon Shelvin voted not to defer the ordinance.