The games of my childhood did not run on a computer screen. They were played on a piece of cardboard that folded in half and fit into a box made of cardboard. We had Monopoly, Easy Money, Life and Parcheesi. There were also the high tech games like Operation and Mousetrap that were pretty fun to play too.


Actually Operation was fun to just mess with, that whole playing the game wasn't nearly as fun as just trying to pick up the little pieces without making the buzzer go off. Mousetrap, I think we may have only played the game twice. Most of the time we just put the contraption together and prayed that it would actually work.

Obviously my friends and I weren't the only ones that felt that way about Mousetrap. At Maker Faire they liked building the Mousetrap set up so much, they recreated it in real life. Have you ever wondered what the Mousetrap game would look like using real life bathtubs, stairs and bowling balls? Well give me a minute and some change and I can show you.