Do you remember the last time the temperature hit the 80 degree mark where you live? Chances are it was a week or so ago in the days leading up to Christmas. Well this is Louisiana and the weather is supposed to change about every ten minutes so we are now into our "ten minutes" of winter. Well, it's not really winter it's more like a reasonable cool down for this time of year.

Temperatures across much of the state early this morning were in the middle to low 30 degree range. Shreveport had a reading of 30 degrees at 2 AM. Lafayette had a reading of 34 degrees and Lake Charles was at 35.  Before sunrise this morning temperatures are expected to drop a few more degrees bringing much of the state into a light freeze condition this morning.

This is not a 'pipes' kind of a freeze.  It's not going to be that hard and it's probably not going to last that long.  But you definitely want to take care of your pets and plants.

That's the advice of State Climatologist Barry Keim as reported by the Louisiana Radio Network. Keim says obviously temperatures along the I-20 corridor will be a few degrees colder than they will be along the I-10 corridor but the at or below freezing conditions aren't expected to last that long.

Wednesday night a warm front is going to come through.  We're gong to get some rain and we're not going to be in serious warm temperatures like we were last week and during Christmas.

Keim says the rain will start in the southern part of the state and work its way northward during the overnight hours. Residents from Shreveport to Monroe should expect a better chance of showers Thursday morning as opposed to Wednesday Night for Lafayette and Lake Charles.


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