Mr. Papa John's Shaquille O'Neal was recently spreading goodwill and randomly handing out free pizza when he came across a cute little girl who thought he was Michael Jordan.

YouTube Via Millionaire Moveclub
YouTube Via Millionaire Moveclub

Little Girl Thinks Shaq Is Michael Jordan

Shaquille O'Neal is always doing great things for people. It seems like at least once a month a story comes out about the Lakers great and former LSU star spreading joy with random acts of kindness.

Plain and simple, he's a good dude.

As a brand ambassador for Papa John's and owner of nine Papa John's stores, Shaq routinely surprises people with free pizza.

There's usually never any doubt about who he is, until this moment that was luckily caught on video.

As Shaq pulls up to this neighborhood to spread tidings of great joy and yummy pizza, a little girl asks him "Are you Michael Jordan?"

He responds to the little girl with the quick wit and humor he's known for saying -

"I'm better than Michael Jordan. My name is Shaq O'Neal. I'm giving out free pizza. Ask your grandma if you can take pizza from me. I'm the delivery guy. Make sure you always listen to your grandma, ok? Now you know my name, I'm way better than Michael Jordan. Got it?"


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