So you think this radio and TV reporting is a snap to do? Well these are the kind of things that can happen to you especially when the subject of your live report involves an animal or a child.

This is video from the Salem County Fair and obviously these little horses come with a great big attitude. Fortunately the little girl who was kicked by the horse is just fine. I am sure there were some bruises and maybe a scrape or two.

My best live on location moment happened the very first time I did a live on location broadcast. I was 15 years old and I was reporting live from a fishing rodeo. At the exact moment I went live from the broadcast site a child standing next to me hooked his younger brother with a fishing lure. I can still hear the blood curdling scream in my memory.

W.C. Fields was right about anything that had to do with kids or animals. Well he would have been right if he would have actually said anything about kids or animals.

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