When Majken and Kenneth Perry lost their son Karter's favorite dinosaur toy, they were desperate. They decided to take a shot in the dark and what happened next was one of the most incredible local stories you'll hear all year.

Back in the spring Majken and Kenneth took their son Karter to the Dinosaur Park in Henderson. Karter is obsessed with dinosaurs, so after visiting the Dino Park they walked over to have some fun at Cajun Fast Track next door.

While there, Karter used his tickets to purchase a small dinosaur. Fast forward to a recent trip that Majken and Kenneth were taking to NYC and Karter insisted they take his dinosaur with them on their adventure to the Big Apple.

While in New York they were able to take lots of pictures for Karter to see all the cool things that his favorite dinosaur got into while roaming the big city, but unfortunately they lost the little boy's dinosaur somewhere between the airport and home.

To say Karter was upset would be an understatement. No parent ever wants to see their child upset, so they told him that the dinosaur "jumped off the plane and got lost in NYC." This would at least buy them enough time to reach out to Cajun Fast Track to hopefully purchase the exact dinosaur for Karter to make their son happy again.

It was a shot in the dark, especially since the couple lived an hour and a half away from the family fun center—but what they didn't know was that Cajun Fast Track would go above and beyond.

I invite you to click through the following images to see the full story via screenshots, and you might want to grab a tissue.

What an amazing thing for this local business to do. If you're not already supporting Cajun Fast Track, make sure to show them some love the next time you and the family are looking for fun and entertainment.

These are the type of good folks that make our area a great place to live and we're so happy to see the lengths they went through to make this family happy again.

Hats off to Cajun Fast Track for going above and beyond—and let's hope that mom and dad can keep a close eye on that dinosaur!

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