I am pretty sure that the Christmas holidays are very similar for most everyone. Once we get through Thanksgiving, we start to make our plans for Christmas and where we will hold our family gatherings. Who is going to be cooking and what everyone needs to bring.

Then on Christmas morning, you wake up as a family and open the presents Santa brought during the night. Well, that's the tradition in my family and for a few folks in the area.

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This past weekend, a dear friend of mine called me sounding extremely excited. She explained to me that her mom and dad approached the rest of the family with a proposal. They asked what the kids thought about, instead of buying a ton of presents and celebrating the way they usually do, taking a family trip and celebrate the holidays with a little fun. Immediately I understood what the excitement was all about. Her family is used to only traveling during the summertime and they usually just hang out at the beach. She had never really traveled anywhere else. I knew that traveling was high on her bucket list and I was really excited for her (I didn't ask to go with them at all...).

I have been friends with this young lady for years and I know how much her family treasures the Christmas season. It was always about being with the people that they care about the most and enjoying that time with them. It was never about the presents or the food. So this opportunity for them to splurge and do something I'm sure they would all enjoy would be fantastic. What made me smile the most was her comment at the end of our conversation. She said, 'Terryn, I never ask for much for Christmas from my parents. We aren't rich by any means, but I am always very well taken care of. A family trip was not on my list this year, but it is the best gift my parents could have given me.' This warmed my heart for her and her family.

I think I know what my next venture is. I have got to talk to my parents about taking a holiday trip. My friend's family will be traveling to Tennessee to hang out in the mountains. Now that just sounds like a good time!

What does your family do for the Christmas season? I am sure that it is always filled with glad tidings and good cheer!

Happy Holidays!