A Lafayette man did not hold back after he visited Acadian Village for the holidays.

Dustin Venable wrote a critique of the village after a recent visit and the original post on Facebook went viral.

Well, apparently it got to the right person because Venable was invited to discuss his recent experience with the CEO of LARC.

According to Venables's updated post on Facebook, the two had a great visit and the CEO was open to any new ideas and suggestions.

As a matter of fact, Venable was invited to even take part in the operations one night to see how things are run, and even observe operations so that they could be improved upon.

You see, like so many people who visit Acadian Village throughout the year, Venable had no idea that most of the people working there are volunteers. He also had no idea what LARC is.

Yes, it is volunteers who make things happen around the village and it is often volunteers who help maintain the grounds.

One of Venable's complaints was the water in the small ponds on the grounds of Acadiana Village. Yes, the ponds are not very attractive now, but no one is seeing about the water issue.

Dustin says he told LARC, "I mentioned the idea of contacting UL's Science Department to see if they have some aquatic geniuses who would want to fix the little swamp."

Another complaint was the parking, but after working with others who volunteer to park vehicles, Venable notes it isn't that easy when so many arrive at once. He was also informed that there will be additional parking by next year.

Other issues were addressed in Venable's meeting with LARC and now he is encouraging all to get involved. Yes, the lighting was discussed and newer and better things are on the way.

I decided to write this article because I want to applaud Dustin for going to the source and reporting what he learned.

He pushed his pride aside and was not reluctant to say that he was "educated" about LARC and the operations at Acadian Village.

Too often people complain about something on social media, but never really go to the source to discuss their issue(s), well Dustin did and for that Acadian Village will be improved upon.

Having recently visited the grounds with my kids for Christmas, I still suggest you get out there and take in all that it has to offer, and please continue to support LARC.

Here's what Dustin Venable posted after meeting with LARC.


Now, here is the original Facebook post from Venable that caught the attention of many, including the CEO of LARC at Acadian Village in Lafayette.

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