Lafayette man Byron Signorelli lost both kidneys due to taking Proton pump inhibitor medication for heartburn. Signorelli, now desperately needing a kidney, has posted "I Need A Kidney" along with his phone number on his truck in a plea for help.

Signorelli says his kidney failure has affected his life in a big way, as I can only imagine. He had to leave his former job as an offshore boat captain because he could no longer pass a physical due to his condition. He is currently employed part-time with Adapt Concepts, an offshore AC company but, his role is limited because of his current health. He is also currently undergoing peritoneal dialysis.

He's had the "I Need A Kidney" message on his truck for about four months. I asked him if anyone has called, and he said he has received two calls so far, but nothing panned out unfortunately.

Would you like help Byron Signorelli? Here's what you can do...

First, you can call Byron to discuss at 337-281-3762. Next you can contact Elizabeth Wands, the Living Donor Coordinator for Tulane Medical Center in New Orleans at 504-988-1116. If you do call, tell her you're calling to inquire about seeing if you're a match to donate a kidney for Byron Signorelli.

Even if you're not a match specifically for Byron, he is part of a "Swap Program". What this means is "when a living kidney donor is incompatible with the recipient, and so exchanges kidneys with another donor/recipient pair. Two live donor transplants would occur."

Please, only contact Byron if you're serious about helping him.



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