Remember a couple of years ago the craze that was the boudin king cake? Well, the desire for these sweet and savory concoctions still exists.

This take on the king cake was first whipped up by UL's Dr. Bob Carriker. (He's the same fella who started the big Boudin Cook-Off in downtown Lafayette a few years ago.)

Dr. Carriker initially planned to make just a few and sell but quickly realized he was in a bit over his head. That's when he partnered with Twins Burgers and Sweets in Lafayette to make his vision come true.

The boudin king cake is filled with boudin (well duh!) and then topped with cane syrup and cracklin crumbs.

So, we begged the question: Where can I get a boudin king cake?

Our friends at The Daily Advertiser have the answer for you. So here you go, the places in Acadiana where you can scoop one up.

  • Cajun Market Donut Company

    Lafayette, Broussard, Breaux Bridge

    At Cajun Market Donut Company, they begin with doughnut dough that's filled with boudin and pepper jack cheese. Kickin' it up a notch! It's baked and topped with cane syrup, pepper jelly and bacon.

    These treats come in one size and cost $35, including tax. You can have them shipped too by calling 337-504-4242 or visiting

    Photo Courtesy of Cajun Market Donut Company
  • Bourque's Supermarket

    Port Barre

    The legendary St Landry Parish grocery store offers a boudin and pepper jack cheese stuffed king cake that's topped with cane syrup, pepper jelly, cracklin and jalapenos. They kind of have to put cracklin on it, Port Barre has The Cracklin Festival for crying out loud!

    These cakes will set you back $27.99. Not sure if they ship but you can buzz them at (337) 585-6261.

    Photo Courtesy of Bourque's Supermarket
  • Twins Burgers & Sweets

    Lafayette & Youngsville

    I guess you can call this place "the original". They offer the cakes boudin-filled and topped with cracklin crumbs and Steen's cane syrup.

    The boudin king cake here is also available only in one size for $27.70 and shipping is available.

    Visit their website, or call (337) 268-9488.

    Twins Burgers & Sweets, Facebook