Mandi Benoit, a Jeeper from Carencro, has been entered into a contest, and needs your vote to represent Carencro nationally!

Mandi is a huge Jeeper, having customized her Jeep to the point of having placed in car shows.  Not only is her Jeep great to look at, it is VERY capable on the trails!  Winning this contest would be great, as she would be very honored to represent Louisiana at the National 4x4 Off-Road Expo in California.

Photo by: Laurie Beth Martarona
Photo by: Laurie Beth Martarona
It would be an honor for me to represent Louisiana at the National Off-Road Expo.  There are so many great people in the off-road community, it would be great to have the opportunity to share information about Louisiana, our rides, and our culture, with them. - Mandi Benoit

Poison Spyder is the company sponsoring the competition.  They are an after-market Jeep and 4x4 supplier, and they will be choosing their Poison Spyder girls soon (similar to the Bud Girls).  They will be choosing from the 10 girls with the most votes in this contest, so Mandi needs all the votes you can offer.  

Your vote will determine the top 10, the finalists.  Poison Spyder will choose one winner from those 10 for their Poison Spyder Girl!

Photo by: Laurie Beth Martarona
Photo by: Laurie Beth Martarona

Here's the information for voters, taken directly from the Poison Spyder website:

  • You will need to click the MORE button at the bottom of the voting gallery, and use the scroll bar to see all of the photos/entries.
  • Voting period begins 8:00 AM Tuesday, September 1, 2015. Voting ends 8:00 AM Tuesday, September 8, 2015.
  • You may vote once per day (24 hour period), per Facebook user.
  • Each girl has TWO photos in the contest. Find both photos for the person you want to support, and make sure to vote for BOTH of her photos, once per day!
  • Photos are randomly shuffled each time the page loads, so the girl/photo you want to vote for may be in a different spot next time you come to the page to vote.
  • Support your favorite candidate(s) by posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and forums to encourage your friends to come and vote for her!
  • Your votes determine the Ten Finalists. They do not determine the final winner of the contest. An internal panel at Poison Spyder chooses the winner from among the Ten Finalists you helped choose with your vote.

Mandi and her friends and family have been supporting local charities for years, from the American Lung Association's 'jeep jaunt' to various poker runs and fundraisers, police memorials and military processions.  Let's show our appreciation to her by giving her a few clicks!

When you get to the Poison Spyder website, scan through the pictures (taken by Laurie Beth Martarona), looking for these two photos:

Photo by: Laurie Beth Martarona
Photo by: Laurie Beth Martarona

When you find them, click "Vote" on each, and then click the Facebook button to share on your Facebook page.  It'll only take a few minutes, and it well help Mandi get into the top ten!

You can vote each day until Tuesday, September 8th, so please, vote, share, and then vote again!

Good luck, Mandi!  We're rooting for you!

(Poison Spyder, Facebook)

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