Even though I'm not from Great Britain, I'm pretty sure that you can't put in a job application to become a Royal, but you can work for them.

Earlier this week Prince William, Prince Harry, and Duchess Kate Middleton posted an ad on Linkedin for a new senior communications officer for their 'Households', and the Royal Foundation. The Foundation is for their various philanthropic and charity endeavors, and the job will require research and media briefings. They are also asking for the candidate to be well versed in media and marketing, and a past employment history with charity work is a plus. And of course, you are expected to 'handle sensitive information with tact and discretion at all times'. Not seeing anything about the salary, but it certainly would be a glamorous position for the right person!

Fortune is reporting that over 1,000 people have applied for the job already, and it has over 6,000 views. If you want to work for the Royal family, here is your chance. Apply here, and good luck!

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