You might be surprised to know that the British Royal Family are pretty much like the rest of us when it comes to holiday traditions. They like to stick to the same things they've been doing for years, and that they look forward to. Maybe on a much bigger stage, but still staying somewhat sentimental.

MSN is giving us a fascinating look into a royal Christmas, and you can check out some of their beloved customs below.

  • The Queen and family always attend the same Christmas Day church service every year. They go to services at St Mary Magdalene, and then head to the family's Sandringham Estate for the remainder of the holiday.
  • Queen Elizabeth always decorates their Christmas tree herself.
  • The Queen and Prince Philip always donate Christmas trees to local schools, Westminster Abbey, St Paul's Cathedral in London, St Giles's Cathedral, and the Canongate Kirk in Edinburgh.
  • In a tradition that was started by Queen Victoria, over 1500 Christmas Puddings from London department store Fortnum and Mason are given to the royal staff every year. And according to the store's website, they cost $52.63 each.
  • The Queen delivers a Christmas Day radio broadcast to the entire nation every year. This was first started by King George V in 1932.
  • Roasted turkey is always on the Christmas Day menu
  • The family sends out 750 Christmas cards each year
  • A sprig of Holly Thorn is always given to the Queen from the garden of St John the Baptist Church in Glastonbury. According to MSN, 'An ancient legend connects the thorn with Joseph of Arimathea and the arrival of Christianity in Britain'.

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