I spend a lot of time roaming around the Internet. I love to read stories, opinions, and ideas, especially about Louisiana and Acadiana. I was bouncing around the website Reddit last week and came across this particular post.

The basic request from the person who posed the question was this.

Trying to think about various waterfront/water view locations to have a pause in our day to appreciate everything. A substitute beach will have to do.

The person inquiring was lamenting the fact that he and his wife, both professionally employed, have no time to travel to another beach location. They have just a few hours and he was hoping to surprise his wife with a little alone time together away from the hustle and bustle of life, kids, bills, and chaos.

I wonder if this couple found a place for quiet solitude, reflection, and maybe romance this past Sunday?That was the day they were planning their getaway. Oh, wait didn't it rain like hell on Sunday? In that case, they could have done waterfront reflections in my front yard or Tiger Park in Baton Rouge.

If this question was asked of you. Where would you suggest they spend a few hours of waterfront quiet time within a few hours driving distance of Acadiana?

I love this question and the desire of this person to find time to spend with the one he chose to spend his life with. We probably all need to do that more don't you think?

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