This past weekend was not a good weekend for me because I had to put down my very first pet I have had since childhood. If you have ever experienced the loss of a pet, you know how hard it is. Pets aren't just pets, they are a huge part of the family and they bring unexplainable joy to our lives. The best thing about pets is that they are pure. They know no evil; they are wired to love, unless they have been mistreated. If you're also going through the loss of a pet, I have found a couple ways to cope with the grief.


My dachshund, Rocky, was 16 years old when he passed. He got him May 3, 1997 and he died Sunday morning, May 5, 2013. I certainly was not expecting have to put him down when I went back home this past weekend. It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Rocky lived a good life, and it was his time to go.

I have found some helpful tips to help reduce the grieving process from the loss of a pet:

  1. Don't let anyone tell you how to feel, and don't tell yourself how to feel either. Your grief is natural, let it run its course. It's ok to cry or be angry, and it's also ok to let go whenever you are ready.
  2. Rituals can help the healing process. A funeral or little service for you pet can help you express your feelings and sadness. Ignore the people who don't "understand" your grief and pain. They obviously have never been close to any animals.
  3. If you have other pets, try to maintain their usual routine. I've definitely noticed that our other dog is grieving about Rocky's loss, as well. I can only imagine how she feels about her companion being gone. It's important to maintain her daily routine by keeping her exercised and loved.

It will take some time to get over the loss of a family pet. I will never forget my first dog. RIP Rocky!


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