At first glance you might think this headline is from the book of obvious. To see Louisiana rank highly as a state where wind and hail  damage are among the highest really doesn't seem that surprising. When you consider our state's location and proximity to the coast and coastal storms like hurricanes and tropical storms these seems like no news at all.

The fact is that most of our wind and hail damage over the past year has not come from storms brewing in the Gulf of Mexico. Our wind and hail damage is the result of our many late afternoon and early evening thunderstorms. According to a report issued by State Farm Insurance, Louisiana was in the top ten in claims filed for damage from hail. This report was included as part of a story filed by the Louisiana Radio Network.

State Farm's report says it paid more than 3 billion dollars in claims for wind and hail damage and in Louisiana over 14 thousand claims were made. That put Louisiana in seventh place on the list. Texas was at the top of the list with 42,000 claims. The Lone Star State was followed by Illinois at number two and Georgia at number three.

A spokesperson for State Farm suggested that the biggest damage as a result of hail was dented or torn shingles.  The company suggests that residents consider replacing aging and worn out shingles with impact resistant roofing.