Let's be honest it was a good year in the car business. It wasn't a great  year, but it was for the most part okay. Compared to national averages Louisiana auto dealers were down in their sales. Most analyst explain that away by suggesting the economic impacts of lower oil prices played a part in that slight down tick. Still, the year wasn't bad.

Nationwide automobile sales set records. There were over 17 million new cars and trucks sold across these United States. Louisiana didn't see that same boost that dealers in other part of the country experienced by Bob Israel President of the Louisiana Automobile Dealers Association explained,

We were down for the whole year, both cars and trucks together, about 3.7% down, which is not devastating.

Israel explained his comments in a story published by the Louisiana Radio Network.  He went on to say that truck sales were on par with last year as the bigger vehicles held steady. He suggested most of the decline was in car sales.

If you're looking to purchase a vehicle now is really a good time to make that selection and finalize your purchase. Israel says that lower fuel prices, improving economic conditions, and better than reasonable credit terms have really helped sales across the country. As far as Louisiana auto dealers are concerned,

I would think they would be very happy. It was a good year.


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