Are you ready to play good news/bad news the way the United States Government plays the game? Okay, here we go. The good news is this, Louisiana's Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has been tapped to receive $73 million dollars in federal aid. The reason for the funding is to support the state's fishing industry that has suffered mightily at the hands of flooding and COVID-19.

The Feds are giving us $73 million? That's great, so the bad news must really suck. It does.

The amount of damage our state's fishing industry has accrued over the past year or so due to flooding and COVID-19 is estimated to be about $383 million. If you're not good at math that means our state's fishing industry will have a shortfall of about $310 million dollars or the estimated cost of a third-string tailback in the NFL.

The funding is coming from two different sources since there are two different scenarios that affected the fishing industry in Louisiana. The flooding recovery money is slated to come from NOAA to the tune of about $58.3 million. An additional 14.7 million is being added to the pile from the CARES fund for COVID-19 relief.

By the way, the money isn't in the bank just yet. LDWF officials will have to submit a spending proposal before the money is available. Let's hope LDWF can put the money where it's needed the most and Louisiana's incredible fishing and seafood industry can pull itself up like a net full of jumbo shrimp and just keep doing what they do best, feeding a hungry nation.


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