When fishing on the waterways of Louisiana, it's always better to try to get them suckers in the boat by using a pole rather than some contraption, like, oh, let's say a car battery.

Enforcement agents with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries came across a couple of fellas recently who were using the latter in their attempt at catching a mess of fish.

The agents cited the two Evangeline Parish men for alleged fishing violations in Rapides Parish on June 9.

The two men were found fishing in a small vessel on the Red River. But after further investigation, agents found a 12-volt battery under a seat, which was connected to a line and a can of smokeless tobacco.

The two men later admitted to using the device to shock and catch two catfish.

Chernobyl: General Imagery
Sean Gallup, Getty Images

Brandon and Reagan Theriot of Ville Platte were cited for taking fish illegally and angling without a license, respectively.

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