Have you ever heard about or seen the "Exit 25 Dog" on I-49? Rumor has it this dog has been waiting at this exit for close to four years. But, waiting for what?

Exit 25 Dog I-49
Paul T Farnham

Exit 25 Dog On I-49

Editor's Note - Countless efforts have been made to catch this dog and help, including the Sheriff's Department. The man who shot this video has made numerous attempts to help the dog. This dog is being cared for by numerous kind people who bring food and water. If this isn't your dog, please just leave him be.

Why even write about him? There are a few reasons why. One is, it's possible the dog's owner has no idea the dog is at that exit, and if that's the case hopefully, this story somehow gets to them. The second reason is to make people aware of this dog in hopes that drivers pay attention when in the area.

We've heard from so many people who routinely take care of LeBeau, he does not need to be saved.

At this point, the stories about the "Exit 25 Dog" have become local folklore for those who haven't caught a glimpse of it.

Many people have named the dog "LeBeau" due to the exit he's always seen at.

Well, the stories and folklore are true.

From as early as late 2019, possibly 2018, people have been seeing a dog hanging around Exit 25, Southbound on I-49 in the Lebeau area.

Most people now just call the pooch the "Exit 25 Dog" or "LeBeau"

For close to four years now, this dog has been patiently waiting at Exit 25 on I-49.

Obviously, this begs the question...why?

Exit 25 Dog
Paul T Farnham

The most commonly agreed-upon explanation is that the dog's owner dumped him or her at that exit and that the "Exit 25 Dog" is heartbreakingly waiting for the owner to return to bring him or her home.

Go ahead and cry, we'll wait till you can clear your tears and read some more.

According to multiple social media posts, quite a few people have attempted to rescue the "Exit 25 Dog" but no one can seem to catch it.

As you'll see in the video, as soon the driver approaches, the "Exit 25 Dog" immediately gets up to run away if needed.

Maybe the dog wasn't dumped but was involved in a crash in the area with its owners and is waiting at that spot for them to return.

We know...tears. It's cool...we'll wait.

Exit 25 Dog I-49
Paul T Farnham

Luckily, quite a few kind-hearted dog lovers have pitched in to help the patient pooch by dropping off food, water, and even a dog tent.

The exact reason why this dog has been waiting at Exit 25 for almost 4 years is a mystery at this point.

Have you ever heard about or seen the "Exit 25 Dog"?

If you happen to know anything about this dog and why it's been waiting at this exit for years, please let us know.

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