The Louisiana Association of Fairs and Festivals has recently announced the elimination of the evening gown and on-stage Q&A portions of festival pageants that fall under the organization's purview. Former Louisiana festival Queens have been sounding off over the new ruling.

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LAFF Eliminates Evening Gown and On-Stage Question From Festival Pageants

In Acadiana, we're crazy about our festivals.

And, what's not to love? Great food, rides, live music, and good times.

Each of Acadiana's festivals also includes festival pageants.

Being crowned Queen of the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival or any other of Louisiana's festivals is a huge honor, and an honor contestants and winners don't take lightly.

Contestants are traditionally judged by a behind-the-scenes interview by the festival's judges, and then a public evening gown competition, and a live, on-stage Q&A in front of the festival crowd.

However, a recent announcement by The Louisiana Association of Fairs and Festivals makes a big change in what contestants will judged on, and it seems that former Louisiana Festival Queens are not happy about it.

Moving forward, Louisiana festivals that are part of the LAFF will only conduct the interview portion of the contest when deciding the winner of the pageants.

No more on-stage Q&A. No more evening gown competition.

Or, as many former Festival Queens are putting it "No more beauty competition in beauty competitions."

In a comment on Facebook, LAFF explains the decision has been made "to concentrate on what our organization is really about which is fairs and festivals, not pageants."

It's important to note that not all of the reactions to the recent change are negative.

As LAFF states they "are actually getting a ton of positive feedback for our membership!"

At this point, The Louisiana Association of Fairs and Festivals says there are still a few things left to be ironed out as a result of the change.

The LAFF's decision does not apply to the Miss Teen Louisiana and Miss Louisiana pageants.

To see a list of festivals and pageants that fall under the LAFF umbrella, head over to

What do you think? Do you support the LAFF's decision?

When it comes to the festival pageant world, there are a lot of other moving parts associated with these competitions other than just the crowing of the Queen or King.

You can read more over at and on the Louisiana Association of Fairs and Festivals Facebook page.


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