Happy National Oreo Cookie Day! The Oreo is America's unofficial favorite cookie, whether you dunk them in milk, pull them apart, or just eat them whole, we love our Oreos! Nabisco has come up with some really unique flavors in the last couple of years for this beloved treat, including a Peep flavored Oreo that turns your tongue purple when you eat it!

But if we're being honest, we would love to see some Louisiana inspired flavors for our Oreos. My list of suggestions is below, and we hope Nabisco is listening!


  • Praline - The official sweet treat of the Bayou State
  • King Cake - a purple, green, and gold filling would be festive and delicious
  • Ponchitoula Strawberry - perfect for summertime in Louisiana
  • Sno Ball - another favorite summertime treat, with so many flavors to choose from
  • Bananas Foster - Bananas, brown sugar, and rum, made famous by Brennan's Restaurant in New Orleans
  • Beignets - with a touch of powdered sugar, of course
  • Satsuma - Louisiana's fragrant and succulent orange flavored fruit
  • Pecan Pie - you can't get more southern than pecan pie!
  • Bread Pudding - with lots whiskey sauce
  • Gateau Na-Na - also known as Cane Syrup Cake, or Gateau de Sirop - a cajun country delight!
  • Steen's Syrup - this Acadiana staple is delish on just about anything, sha!
  • Creole Cream Cheese - delicious ice cream flavor, so why not try it in Oreos

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