A quick peek at the water vapor imagery from NOAA Weather satellites pretty much tells the story. You can see an area of circulation located over the Mid-South. This area of low-pressure is rotating counter-clockwise and that means that the airflow around the system is pulling up plenty of deep moisture across the region from the Gulf of Mexico.

That system is the one that has been responsible for the showers and strong thunderstorms we've experienced across the area over the last several days. Once again, because of that atmospheric blender, we in Louisiana will likely experience more scattered showers and storms again today. Some of those storms could be severe.

The Storm Prediction Center has placed much of Louisiana in the "marginal risk" category for severe weather today. Forecasters believe the greatest weather threat our area will experience will likely come in the form of high winds and even small hail. Portions of southwestern Louisiana got some significant hail accumulation and damage in storms just a few days ago.

As the system, currently centered over Arkansas, slowly moves away from the area you can expect rain chances and the threat of strong storms to decrease. But, we all know what happens when rain chances go down during South Louisiana's late spring season. The temperature goes up. That's exactly what forecasters are eyeing for the weekend.

Don't be surprised if afternoon temperatures on Saturday and Sunday reach into the 90-degree range. Granted, the temperatures will barely be into the 90s but combined with the humidity you will as if you need an ice-cold lemonade or other beverage after only a few minutes outside. Rain chances will be minimal to non-existent for both Saturday and Sunday.

The following week will start with the beginning of Hurricane Season on Monday followed by a typical June forecast of partly cloudy hot and humid with a chance of afternoon or early evening showers or thunderstorms for the balance of the first week of June.


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