One of the smaller yet bigger material joys in life is when you put on a pair of pants or a coat you haven't worn in a while and find cash money in the pocket. It's almost as if the universe aligned to pay you back for being so forgetful.

Before you go run to the closet to check the pockets of seldom worn togs there could be an easier way for you to get some "found money". The State of Louisiana is currently holding on to hundreds of thousands of dollars in money the state can't claim. Some of that money might be yours.

All you need to do is follow this link and then enter your name, the city you live, and your zip code and then press search. 

You might be asked to prove you're not a robot so don't let that throw you off course. If you discover that you have money that is owed to you just follow the instruction on the website and the money will soon be headed in your direction.

In many cases, the money that falls in the unclaimed category comes from deposits from power companies, unclaimed tax returns, and refunds that were supposed to go to you but never found their way to you. It's all legit and administrated by the State Treasury.

Happy money hunting. I hope you get to experience the feeling of putting your hands on "found money" from the government. I promise it's a much better feeling than finding out you owe the state money.




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