It's no secret that we love our festivals in Louisiana. That being said, can you believe we're not number one on the list of "Festival-Obsessed States"? We are in the top 3 though...

Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival, Facebook
Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival, Facebook

States With The Most Festivals

If you pick anything that has to do with Cajun Culture and Louisiana agriculture, you can bet there's a festival for it.

In Louisiana, we have a couple of Crawfish Festivals, the Sugar Cane Festival, the Shrimp and Petroleum Festival, the Shrimp Festival, Festival International, Festivals Acadiens, Le Festival de Mardi Gras a Lafayette...even a Fried Chicken Festival.

Obviously, Jazz Fest and Escense Festival are two celebrations that garner national and global attention.

We could go on and on listing the fantastic festivals throughout Louisiana, but you already know.

It would seem that Louisiana has to have the market cornered when it comes to festivals right?

Well, almost.

According to KLFY "fashion retailer, Boohoo, analyzed Google Trends data of the last year for search terms used by festival-goers. The search terms combined give each state a total score."

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Facebook
New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Facebook

Apparently, looking at Google trends, we put a lot of effort into being fashionable at our festivals, because Louisiana ranks #2 in web searches for ‘festival outfits.’

So, who the heck has more festivals than Louisiana?

According to Boohoo, the top 3 "Most Festival-Obsessed States" are -

1. Wisconson

2. Ohio

3. Louisiana

We had no idea Wisconsin and Ohio got down like that.

Keep in mind, this list represents Google searches about festivals from state to state, therefore representing the "obsession".

Louisiana Festivals

Read more at and see the full list over at

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