When you go out for a few cold ones, are you a decent tipper? By the looks of this new survey, you probably aren't because apparently, Louisiana is one of the worst tipping states.

Heleana Yankovska via Unsplash.com
Heleana Yankovska via Unsplash.com

Louisiana In Top 3 Of States Who Tip The Least

Whether your favorite watering hole is a sports bar, restaurant or hotel bar, or a good ole dive bar, taking the edge off is something folks are looking to do now more than ever.

When you're closing your tab out, how much do you tip?

How much should you tip?

Now, we're not going to get into the topic of quality of service because in many cases experiences can be subjectable.

So, let's just assume with regard to tipping, we're talking about what you would consider being good service.

Sam Dan Truong via Unsplash.com
Sam Dan Truong via Unsplash.com


According to a recent survey via upgradedpoints.com, how much patrons tip can vary greatly between not only states but also the type of bar.

The survey found that in Louisiana, our favorite places to grab some drinks to wind down are our good ole local dive bars.

Across the U.S. the average patron tips 20% of their bar tab.

Kentucky, Missouri, Indiana, and Colorado all tip their bartenders 25% or higher.

The majority of people surveyed in Kansas, Minnesota, and Iowa say...they don't tip at all.

What's that about?

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Louisiana unfortunately lands in the top 3 states who tip the least.

From upgradedpoints.com -

"Mississippi (29.4%), Texas (28%), and Louisiana (21.6%) all tip 10% or less.

Ordering your favorite cocktail at the bar can be intimidating. 28% of Americans agree, saying that they felt their order was judged by the bartender. When it comes to tipping the mixologists, the largest share of respondents (41%) usually tip their bartenders 15% or less."

You can read more about the survey over at upgradedpoints.com.

States That Tip The Least

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