I don't know whether to be sad or celebrate but according to a recent survey you and I inhabit the most inebriated state in the union. Business Insider recently commissioned an online survey and the results are in. We, the people of the Louisiana, are considered to be the drunkest among the residents of these United States.

The survey also found that some of our southern neighbors were tops in even less flattering categories. The dumbest state in the union? According to the survey that would be Mississippi. If you were looking for the ugliest state that would be Alabama. I am not sure if that meant the state was ugly or the people that lived there were ugly.

The tongue in cheek survey did give Louisiana some high marks in more prestigious categories. We ranked high on the list of states with great food trailing only New York and California. We also scored second on the weirdest accent falling just behind Massachusetts.

New York was the most arrogant and rude state, Georgia was labeled the nicest and Massachusetts was thought of as the smartest. California received many honors including, overrated, craziest, best looking and favorite.


The state most Americans would like to kick out? That would be Texas. It is "like a whole other country" anyway.

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