The folks over at Blue Bell Ice Cream where kind of blown way recently when they received a request from a group of Louisiana kids asking them to change the name of one of their popular ice cream flavors. Through Traci Schmidley's Facebook page, the kids are requesting Blue Bell change the name of their chocolate and vanilla ice cream "The Great Divide" to "Better Together".

Schmidley tells WAFB “Isak and Kaleb have lighter skin and Jayden has darker skin. But Isak and Kaleb also have a brother and sister adopted from foster care who have dark skin as well. We are all our own color and own flavor and there is no divide between us. We think we are all delicious in our own ways.”

The kids say they feel people might get the wrong idea and think the name refers to people and the separation of skin colors.

Eventually the Facebook post made it's way to the people at Blue Bell who were blown away by the sentiment and thoughtfulness of these kids.

Blue Bell spokeswoman Jenny Van Dorf told the Dallas Morning News “We love the idea of ‘better together’ and especially the thoughtful sentiment behind it. We are impressed by the kids’ thoughtfulness and their compassion for all people."

One thing Schmidley wants to make clear is that this idea didn't come about because she or anyone is offended by the name "The Great Divide".

From -

“I was never offended. We NEVER claimed something was racist; my son simply came up with a different name to promote unity and togetherness.”

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