The United States Constitution has been the backbone of the framework of our democracy since its inception. Included in that document is the right for an American citizen to keep and bear arms. The definition of that statement has been a point of debate for some time now. My personal belief is the Constitution guarantees the right but only with responsibility. In other words your right to own a gun stops when you start using it irresponsibly.

While there are already laws on the books in the state of Louisiana regarding the authorization and certification of those wishing to carry a concealed weapon. One Louisiana lawmaker wants to clarify that position when it comes to bringing weapon into a restaurant.

The issue isn't so much the restaurant as it is the alcohol that might be served in the restaurant. Far to often we have to report the combination of mood altering substances such as alcohol when combined with firearms can be deadly. That is the reason the laws are written in such a way as to keep those situation to a minimum.

As it stands now those authorized to carry a concealed weapon are not allowed to carry that weapon into establishments that serve alcohol. One State Representative, Jeff Thompson of Bossier City, is looking to clarify that law. Under his proposal those who are authorized to carry a concealed weapon could bring that weapon into a restaurant that serves alcohol.

"I want to be able to protect my family in the case and we're out somewhere, at a restaurant, and there is a problem. This just clarifies the law, it does not expand it,"

Thompson made those remarks in a report attributed to the Louisiana Radio Network. Thompson does make it very clear that he is not supporting legislation to allow those who enter bars and nightclubs a free pass to pack heat. In fact his position is quite the opposite,

"If you are a concealed carry permit holder and you get any alcohol in your system, enough to raise you above a very low limit, you are going to lose the right to continue your concealed carry permit and I think that is appropriate,"

Discussion on this proposed change in legislation is expected to begin in the next few weeks in Baton Rouge during the regular session of the legislature.

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