Grocery store employees have been tirelessly stocking and restocking shelves in order to keep up with the needs of Louisiana residents ever since Governor Edwards issued his Stay-at-Home order. That order will now be extended through at least the end of April.

The reason for the Stay-at-Home order is to minimize our exposure to others. Since the COVID-19 virus is spread from person to person limited contact would certainly help curtail the spread of the virus. While most of us are doing our best to adhere to the Governor and other health officials' wishes, some of us are failing unintentionally when we go to the grocery store.

Since everyone in the family wants to get out of the house, many families are shopping as a group. That's not a good thing. According to Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory, the "one buggy, one person" rule is supported by leaders of every parish in Acadiana.

Guillory was quick to clarify his statements about the "rule". It's not a law. It's a request, an urgent request. If we truly want to maintain social distancing and minimize our exposure to those who might be ill we can't bring the whole family to the grocery store with us, no matter how much they have cabin fever.

Most grocery stores have taken extraordinary measures to remain open and serve our community. We need to reciprocate that desire to be part of the solution and not the reason for the problem. Minimize your trips to the store when you can and please only one person for one buggy when you do your shopping.


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