A Louisiana man had a bit of a scare this week while commuting to work on a major Texas highway. Thankfully, he thwarted a potential scam by simply having his dashcam rolling.

Kyle Wooton, who is originally from Youngsville, Louisiana, and now lives in southeast Texas, was on his way to work in Port Arthur on Wednesday morning. He was coming over the Veterans Memorial bridge into Bridge City when something quite unbelievable happened to him.

We'll let the now-viral video he shared on Facebook explain what went down, and then we'll give you more details about the incident from Kyle himself.

(Warning: NSFW language in the video, but we surely can't blame him.)

How infuriating is this? But kudos to Kyle for handling the situation calmly.

The full story...

Kyle was kind enough to recount everything that happened as a cautionary tale for drivers to simply be aware that this kind of scam is out there.

I was riding in the middle lane, which I never do, and the car in front of me put flashers on and at the last minute merged into the left lane, leaving me to hit the brakes coming to a stop because this car was parked in the middle lane with her flashers on.

I tried to merge over but traffic on the left and right running 60-70 mph didn't allow me to do it safely so I just put my flashers on and waited for a gap in traffic.

At that time I looked up and saw her reverse lights come on and slowly started backing up towards me. I was kind of dumbfounded so I laid on the horn and she just kept coming till she hit me.

Kyle Wooton, Facebook
Kyle Wooton, Facebook

I looked up and saw a man running down the bridge from another car that was parked off to the side. The man turned out to be her boyfriend. He ran over and checked on her while videoing on his phone, then came to me and asked if I spoke Spanish. I told him no and asked if he spoke English, he told me no.

He looked at the car then back at me and in Spanish said "You hit her, you will pay". Little did he know, I know a little Español. I rolled up the window and called the cops.

Kyle Wooton, Facebook
Kyle Wooton, Facebook

After a little while, they showed up and then another one showed up to translate. They told the cops I hit her from behind and she was hurt. They both gave the same statement and the cops said apparently she was hurt. They both gave the same statement and the cops said unfortunately it looks like you are in the wrong, sir.

It was at that time I revealed I had a dash cam and showed them the video. The fire department and cop started smiling and then went to show the couple the video. They did not like it at all, but they were busted.

Kyle Wooton, Facebook
Kyle Wooton, Facebook

After that, I was told I was fine and just to wait till the tow truck could move the car. Shortly after I looked up and saw she was being loaded on a stretcher in a neck brace. She had no insurance either.

She got hauled off in an ambulance after backing into me at about 2 mph, and he drove off in his car. Had I not had that camera, the cop admitted that I would have been in the wrong, which means I would have been responsible for all of their hospital bills, ambulance bills, and I would have gotten the ticket...the list goes on.

That's why I made sure I had a picture of the guy and as soon as I get my hands on that police report, I plan on sharing their names as well.

You can't make this stuff up, y'all!

We're glad that Kyle is okay and hopefully, this helps other drivers know how to handle scammers who will no doubt try stuff like this again.

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