Yesterday, we celebrated our dads on Father's Day. Today we're taking a look at just how hard it is to be a working dad in our state. As usual, when it comes to social and economic surveys, the state of Louisiana does not fair well. This survey is no exception. But, in order to improve our position we have to know where we are starting, right?

According to a survey done by Wallet Hub, a website that provides information for businesses and consumers, Louisiana ranks near the bottom for for working fathers. A spokesperson for Wallet Hub, Jill Gonzalez, said their survey took into account these factors in ranking the states. Those factors were economic and social well being, child care, health, and work-life balance.So how did we do?

It did do well in the socio-economic category, but unfortunately for the rest it ranked, again, in that bottom five so it could use some improvement.

Gonzalez' comments were reported by the Louisiana Radio Network.

Minnesota topped the list as the best state for a working father. The states that fell below Louisiana in the survey were Mississippi, West Virgina, Arkansas, and Nevada. Louisiana did come out on top in one category, our state boasted the lowest child care cost in the nation but that was overshadowed by the fact that the state ranked third from the bottom in child care quality.

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