I can only imagine the angst of a teenager who has finally passed driver's education, gotten the learner's permit, been practicing with mom and dad on the roads, and ready to take a driver's license test only to find the Office of Motor Vehicles is closed again today.

Oh, I am sure there are others with even more pressing business matters that aren't really happy about the closure either but alas, here's the official word, at least according to social media.

The closures stem from that cyberattack that was reported on Monday. OMV offices were hit particularly hard by a ransomware virus that allegedly got on to state computers when an unidentified individual installed unauthorized software on a state-owned computer. The virus was contained to 130 servers, impacting less than 600 clients. One of those being the Office of Motor Vehicles.

As of now, the plan is for all OMV offices to remain closed for the morning. As the Facebook post states the situation will be evaluated later in the day to see if and when the OMV network can be brought back online.

Should you have business with OMV or any other state agency that is not available online officials suggest you pick up the phone and give them a call. Remember just because the doors are closed doesn't mean that people aren't in the office. However, you should realize that they might not be able to access all of the information you need.


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