There is a lot to love about Louisiana. Granted, we aren't perfect but in many ways, we are pretty doggone good. Although you'd never suspect it from the recent headlines about our state, we are one of the best places in the nation to locate a business or manufacturing facility.

When prospective businesses evaluate a potential location they take into consideration several things. Among the areas that Louisiana stands out in is the lower tax burden our state offers and the state's strategic location for shipping and moving products across the nation and the world.

To be at the top of the list is an important place for us to be and positions us to compete effectively for new jobs and investment in Louisiana.

That list that Don Pierson, the state's Economic Development Secretary, was referring to in his comments to the Louisiana Radio Network was the one published by Site Selector Magazine. Louisiana ranked seventh on that list for best states for business.

Pierson believes the positive view on Louisiana is because of the businesses that have already decided to locate facilities here. The hot spots are southwest Louisiana and the Baton Rouge to New Orleans corridor.

There’s a lot going on in that sector, and we’re thankful to have that, as these low oil commodity prices are beating us up in some of our other communities like Lafayette and Houma and Thibodaux.

Pierson says his office works tirelessly with other economic development agencies across the state to help them bring even more companies to Louisiana.