It's the time of year when a lot of us look forward to decadent dishes and putting on our "holiday pants".  Since the elastic forgiveness of our pants is now in place let talk about a possible disappointment this holiday season.

One of the tastiest additions to many a holiday treat is the pecan. They top our favorite pies, desserts, and buffet tables. Alas, there could be an issue with pecans this year because Louisiana's Pecan Farmers are having a tough go of it this year.

The reason, just ask any farmer it's a number of reasons. LSU AGCenter pecan specialist Charlie Graham told the Louisiana Radio Network.

We had flooding in August in south Louisiana and even 10 inches plus in north Louisiana, and then a drought when we got into September and October, where a lot of areas had not had any measurable rainfall in that two-month period.

There were also issues with insects and insect damage in between the periods of high water.

That caused us to lose a lot of foliage going into the fall, and so the trees did not put enough reserves back over the dormant season to come back with a strong crop this year

The good news-bad news scenario that Dr. Graham suggests in his comments seems to be this. Pecan prices shouldn't rise too much. The quality of the pecans should be just fine. There could be a smaller than average supply to the consumer. Many of our farm families should get a high enough price to make a profit.

I suppose our message is basically this if you want pecans for your holiday recipes you might want to go ahead and purchase them now.


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