If you've received your first water bill of 2017, you might have noticed it has increased. Why such a big increase? Here's what we found out...

Nola.com reports that Changes made in the 2016 Louisiana Legislature session will increase the annual Safe Drinking Water Fee from $3.20 to $12 per year. It's only $12 now, but that's still a pretty hefty hike.

The increase will go towards a few things, including some of it going to meter costs and paying for 40 new sanitarian positions in the Louisiana Health Department that reportedly will be working to make our water safer. That sounds good to me.

From nola.com -

The fee increase comes a year after the Health department found four potentially deadly amoebas in the state's water system. Officials nonetheless stress that Naegleria fowleri amoeba -- also known as  brain-eating amoeba -- is not fatal if you drink it. The organism is only dangerous if it gets high into one's nose, where openings can let it enter your brain. St. Bernard Parish experienced that scenario in 2013 when a 4-year-old boy died there after taking in water through his nose while playing with a Slip 'n Slide.

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