We now live in a world where cooking is competition. Not just competition for the dollars of diners but literally every other show on any cooking channel features some made for TV battle.

There are battles between people who cook, people and giant food, people and bad food, people trying to make bad food good, people trying to make bad restaurants good, and then there is Patti Labelle's cooking show which makes no sense what so ever.

The latest legal wranglings involving celebrity chefs and the restaurants they hope to save comes from right here in Louisiana. Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsey is being sued by the owners of New Orleans based Oceana Grill for misuse of footage and images obtained while filming Kitchen Nightmares in 2011.

In 2011 Ramsey had some less than kind words for the establishment. The owners of the restaurant maintain that several of the scenes were over exaggerated or even fabricated to make more intriguing television. The restaurant even sued to have the episode blocked from air.

Eventually a settlement was reached but footage from the episode has surfaced on Facebook and based on the lawsuit filed by Cajun Conti,the owners and operators of Oceana Grill, that footage violates the settlement that was reached in 2011.

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