Chances are your Valentine's Day plans will include an intimate meal with your special someone. Those intimate meals mean big bucks for Louisiana's restaurant industry. Many restaurants go out of their way to insure they have even more tables for two than they might normally  have for an average day. Just so lovers can have a few moments alone to ponder each other over a delicious meal.

Valentine's Day is also a catalyst for couples to spend just a little bit more on their meal. According to Wendy Waren with the Louisiana Restaurant Association, not only do diners choose to spend more, many restaurants are offering more.

"Desserts, champagne, flowers, music... a lot of restaurants go out of their way to 'up' the romantic atmosphere to also 'up' the check average."

Warren made those comments to the Louisiana Radio Network . According to the website Open Table, Valentine's diners were prepared to spend an average of $139.00 on their romantic meal. That is up by more than $50.00 compared to the average two person tab of $85.00.

It is estimated that some 70 million Americans will choose dining out as part of their Valentine's celebration. Throw in the excitement and fun of Mardi Gras parades and balls and you've got a great night of fun already planned for you.

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