A school resource officer in St. Tammany Parish is helping a little kid at the school she serves. This kid is a little different from the other kids though because it's an adorable baby goat called, Brilarie.

Protect and serve, that's what police officers do constantly. In this instance, a teacher fostering this sweet baby goat can't do that this week because students are in the middle of standardized testing. And that teacher is fostering the baby goat because its goat mama can't take care of her. Deputy Ashley Carroll offered to help out by keeping the goat in her office.

This little sweet goat has to be bottle-fed and have its diapers changed. Yes, that's right, the goat has to wear diapers for right now. Deputy Carroll works at Folsom Elementary School.

Diesel, aka, Faith & a Deputy
Photo from St. Tammany Sheriff's Facebook Page

Now this situation (04/27/23) is actually real unlike the post put up by the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office on April Fools' Day, April 1. That post, which was totally fake, read as follows:

Sheriff Randy Smith welcomes the newest member of the STPSO. Diesel is a 6-week-old pygmy goat, and he will be trained in narcotics detection. He is assigned to Deputy Triston Wenturin of our K-P Division. Goats are known to be hard-working, and with Diesel's smaller size, he will be able to into small, tight spaces to effectively conduct narcotic searches........

This is the pretend Diesel, who is actually Deputy Britney Graham's female goat called Faith, but she doesn't work narcotics!

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