The Louisiana Senate has voted to end the requirement of a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

WBRZ reports the Senate voted 27-11 to end permits to carry a concealed weapon in Louisiana. The proposal was put forth by Monroe Republican Sen. Jay Morris.

Governor John Bel Edwards has said that if the bill passed the Senate, he would veto it.

From WBRZ -

"The proposal would allow anyone 21 years or older in Louisiana — if the person isn’t barred from having a firearm because of a violent crime conviction or some other legal prohibition — to carry a concealed handgun without needing a permit."

Currently, gun owners who wanting concealed carry must complete hours of training on gun safety as well as pay a fee to the Louisiana State Police.

By abolishing the current concealed carry permit, gun owners would not be required to take a training course or pay a fee.

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