Louisiana legislators are debating a bill that could incentivize Louisiana's gun owners to be even more responsible with their weapons. The measure, if passed would allow gun owners in the state of Louisiana to earn tax credits up to $500  if they buy gun safes, locks, and other gun safety equipment.

Louisiana Legislature
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The legislation is working its way through the Louisiana legislature as each day seems to bring another story of a child injured or killed by gun-related accidents. By incentivizing gun owners to make sure necessary safety equipment and proper storage equipment are available it is the hope that this legislation would help quell the recent increase in accidental gun violence as it affects children.

The legislation is sponsored by New Orleans Representative Mandie Landry. Thus far House Bill 247, which is the measure in question, has gotten strong bipartisan support. The Senate's Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Committee approved the legislation in a unanimous vote on Monday. So now the measure is up for debate before the full Senate

NOLA.com via YouTube
NOLA.com via YouTube

Should the Senate agree with the legislation and the terminology they could pass the bill and send it to Governor John Bel Edwards for his signature.

Almost 50 children have been the victim of accidental gun violence in the state since 2015. This legislation, by encouraging gun owners to be more diligent in the way their weapons are stored and protected, should help to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.


It is speculated that many victims of gun violence are injured by weapons that were stolen from homes or cars because they were not properly stored. It is hoped the tax credits and other incentives from this legislative package would encourage more people to be even more mindful of the proper storage and care for weapons.

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