Smokers in Louisiana could have yet another reason to want to light one up if the wishes of a  Bogalusa lawmaker become law in the next legislative session. Representative Harold Richie has filed a bill that would take the current tax on cigarettes in the state and raise that rate to the national average. That means for the typical pack of cigarettes the tax chargers would go from .36 cents, to $1.54.

Richie believes his bill to exceed the tax increase that Governor Jindal has proposed would not only allow for significant contributions to the state's tax coffers, it would deter more people from smoking to begin with.

"I think the American Cancer Society would be more satisfied with a higher number as far as to get people to quit smoking and get young folks never started,"

Richie's comments were reported in a story published by the  Louisiana Radio Network. He said Governor Jindal's  plan was to raise the cigarette tax to the southern regional average. He believes his plan to raise tax levels to the national average go a lot further in stopping smoking in the state while adding money to the state's higher education funds.

Richie's bill will be among the  many considered when the legislature convenes on April 13th.