Louisiana State Troopers are warning the public about a phone scam that asks for money to wipe clean an arrest warrant.

The impersonators call the home or cell phone of potential victims using a call that gives the appearance of originating from the Louisiana State Police or other local law enforcement agency.

The impersonators call the victim by name, and tells them that they or a family member has a warrant out for their arrest. They will then instruct the victim to call a certain number to set up payment to avoid arrest or imprisonment.

The Louisiana State Police are stressing that people should not give out personal information to unsolicited callers, and that they would never ask for payment over the phone or ask for payment in exchange for not arresting the person with a warrant.

If you do receive a suspicious phone call, Troopers are asking you to report any fraudulent phone calls to the Louisiana State Police Bureau of Investigations at 225-925-1739 or the Louisiana State Analytical and Fusion Center at 225-925-6213.

There is also an on-line reporting system that you can access via and clicking the Suspicious Activity link.