I am going out on a limb to guess that comedian John Merrifield is not finding a ruling by the Louisiana Supreme Court concerning a lawsuit brought by Lafayette Consolidated Government against him to be that funny this morning. Merrifield, who posted on social media about fake Antifa events in Lafayette via social media is being sued by LCG over costs incurred because of those events.

Yesterday the Louisiana Supreme Court ruled that the lawsuit brought by Lafayette Consolidated Government can continue. In July of 2020 Merrifield posted on Facebook, there would be an event called " ANTIFA Takes River Ranch". This was about the time the Trayford Pellerin shooting was in the news and many people in the community did not recognize the social media post as a joke.

Here is the context of the information contained in the post, according to KATC TV.

CAJUN COMRADES RISE UP! We will be gathering at Ruffino’s on the River to begin our complete takeover of the elite neighborhood known as River Ranch.
Card-carrying ANTIFA members ONLY!
The takeover will begin with a traditional ANTIFA flag-burning ceremony which will be subsequently extinguished with ANTIFA spit and NAZI tears.
No children or minors. Large dogs welcome. Arms optional. Legs encouraged.

Lafayette Consolidated Government certainly did not take the posting as a farce and they responded with preparations to protect life and property should that be necessary. Merrifield and his legal counsel have been trying to get the case dismissed under the state's Anti-SLAPP law. 

However, in November, 15th Judicial District Judge Edward B. Broussard ruled that Lafayette Consolidated Government could continue with the lawsuit against Merrifield. Judge Broussard in his ruling cited the possibility of the events inciting violence.

In March of this year, Merrifield's case was dealt another blow when the Louisiana Third Circuit Court of Appeal upheld Judge Broussard's ruling. Merrifield and his counsel then took the case to the Supreme Court which offered their ruling yesterday. Again the court sided with Lafayette Consolidated Government.

Although the exact amount of money Lafayette Consolidated Government is pursuing has not been disclosed, Merrifield has told local media outlets that the amount is less than $75,000.

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