The great state of Louisiana has welcomed its second live animal collegiate mascot to campus this year. Earlier, LSU introduced Mike VII, a new live Tiger mascot for the university. Now, Louisiana Tech has introduced Tech XXII to be the "spirit animal" the Ruston university.

Tech XXII replaces Tech XXI, that's  him pictured above, who retired last year. The new bulldog is expected to participate in 40 to 50 different events on campus and around the area in support of the university.

The new mascot will be the responsibility of university's pre-vet club. In order to help the young puppy better acclimate to crowds and kids, he has been adopted by a local family in the Ruston area.

The new pup is the offspring of the retired mascot. So the bloodline remains true at least in that sense. Tech XXII's father retired from service a little over a year ago so the student body has been without a live mascot for more than 13 months.



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