Every now and then in the world of sports, there are incidents that happen that you have to ask yourself, "who approved that"? For example, someone at Fox Sports thought superimposing the logos of the Yankees and Red Sox on the 9/11 Memorial was a good idea, it wasn't. Thank goodness Fox has apologized.

Another viral video making the rounds over the weekend involved a mash-up of two sports. Those sports are football and baseball. But not just football, NFL football, and not just baseball, minor league baseball. Already, you can see the disparity between the two sides, right?

The Kenosha Kingfish of the Northwoods League thought it would be fun to have their mascot go up against NFL running back AJ Dillon. Dillon plays for the Green Bay Packers and he is a legitimate "brick hit house" if you know what I mean. His nickname is "Quadzilla" for Heaven's sake.

The mascot for the Kingfish is more like a muppet. He'd be fine for dancing to Baby Elephant Walk on top of a dugout but performing a football drill against talent as stout as AJ Dillon? No, it was not a good idea but I know you want to see it.

What I am about to tell you might just shock some of you. Inside those mascot costumes are real live human beings. Quite often they are chosen to portray the mascot because of their theatrical ability and not their athletic prowess.

I am reminded of a story related to me by former Louisiana Ice Gators P.A. Announcer T.D. Smith about an ECHL player who was reprimanded and may have even faced charges because he "knocked the Ice Gators mascot on their ass".  The person portraying the mascot was actually injured seriously enough to require medical attention. Oh, and one other thing, the person inside the Icegator costume, at least at that time was a girl.

From what we understand the man inside the mascot costume for the Kenosha Kingfish survived the lick but was probably and may still be sore. Sure it makes for a fun video now that we know everyone is alright but let's keep this in mind. Play the tape all the way to the end when you come up with any promotional idea. Just think of the WKRP turkey drop and have a good lawyer on retainer.

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